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Hartstochtelijk. That means “passionate” in my native Dutch, and like many of you it’s how I’ve always felt about good design. Yet it was only after chronic health issues cut short my finance career in the City of London after just a few years that I was able to combine my passion for good design with a career by starting Dutch By Design.

Why focus on products from the Netherlands? Because it would be impossible to offer every stylish design in the world, and with Dutch design’s reputation for being cutting edge, contemporary and au courant, it made sense to focus on offering the best products from my home country due to my familiarity with the Dutch design scene.

Our range of products has grown since I founded the company in 2003 to encompass: contemporary lighting, funky home accessories, chandeliers, pendant lights, table lamps, furniture, clocks, mirrors, and designer tableware; but from day one every product we carry or have carried is one that I have felt is well designed and can help people express their own personality and sense of style by adding a touch of individuality to their own homes.

Many of our offerings are unique to this site. My team and I invest a lot of time and energy keeping track of trends in Dutch design and building relationships with Dutch designers, from internationally renowned names like Tord Boontje to up-and-coming young designers you will have not had the chance to be exposed to yet. (In fact, if you are a designer from the Netherlands and would like to discuss your product(s) being featured on Dutch By Design, please click here and contact us.)

Thank you for visiting our site, and whether you’re a first time visitor or a repeat customer, I am confident you will find some of our products as irresistible or whimsical as I do, and I hope that I can tempt you into falling in love with a product or products that speak to your design vernacular. In fact, I challenge you to browse through our site and not find at least one “must have” item. If you can’t find anything that speaks to you, please email me directly with your thoughts and ideas, I read and respond to all submissions. Click here to email Venka.



Venka de Rooij, Founder and Managing Director, Dutch By Design